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The Best Way to Lose Weight Finally Revealed.

By Megan Rauscher

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – To shed excess pounds, forget expensive commercial diets or diet pills; most successful dieters lose weight on their own, largely by eating right and exercising regularly, according to a survey by Consumer Reports.

Their specific successful do-it-yourself weight loss tactics are unveiled at http://www.ConsumerReportsHealth.org.

A total of 21,632 subscribers to Consumer Reports were asked recently about their lifetime weight history and their eating, dieting and exercise habits.

The “always thin” group – those who had never been overweight — made up 16 percent of the sample, while “successful losers” made up an additional 15 percent. Successful losers were defined as people who, at the time of the survey, weighed at least 10 percent less than they did at their heaviest, and had been at that lower weight for at least 3 years.

“Failed dieters” – those would said they’d like to slim down yet still weighed at or near their lifetime high — made up the largest group at 42 percent. The remaining 27 percent of respondents, such as people who had lost weight more recently, didn’t fit into any of the categories.…read more here.

Robots in your blood stream kill cancer?

Fruits Scientists are working hard fighting cancer. Remember, as important  as this technology is, preventing cancer is paramount.  Regular exercise, healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight   can help prevent cancer. Don’t  expect Doctors to try and cure you once your diagnoses.   Studies show that Vitamin D supplementation reduce risks of cancer and that the trace mineral Selenium may also be protective.  Everyone has cancer cells in their body at any given time, however, our immune systems generally recognize these cancer cells and kill them before they get out of control. Healthy lifestyle choices and habits help keep your immune system functioning optimally.  We welcome your opinions on this.

Remote-control Nanoparticles Deliver Drugs Directly Into Tumors

ScienceDaily (2007-11-21) — Scientists have devised remotely controlled nanoparticles that, when pulsed with an electromagnetic field, release drugs to attack tumors. With the ability to see the clumped particles, researchers asked the next question: “Can we talk back to them?” The answer is yes, the team found. … > read full article