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House Plants as Air Cleaners/Purifiers for indoor air pollution

Spider PlantIndoor air pollution is a serious problem and those with allergies, asthma and chronic sinus symptoms are most afflicted . Our homes are full of  hundreds of chemicals such a furniture glues and cleaning chemicals.  Fortunately,  house plants can help clean the air you breathe.  A plants main job is to convert C02 (what we exhale, not pollution) into Oxygen.  Plants can also remove other air impurities from the air and convert them to pure oxygen.  

Normally, HEPA filters and negative ionizers  are the recommended air cleaners of choice for those with allergies and asthma.  However,  consider increasing the beauty and greenery of your home and office  while cleaning the air you breat by using one of these great  house plants.  To see more about air pollution and plants, visit the AvoidCancerNowBlog  which is where this list was taken from.

The Top Plants for absorbing indoor air carcinogens include:

1.  Ferns (esp. boston fern)
2.  Palms (esp. parlor palm, dwarf date palm, bamboo palm, lady palm)
3.  Rubber plant
4.  Spider plant
5.  English ivy
6.  Janet Craig (Dracaena)
7.  Chrysanthemum
8.  Philodendron
9.  Peace lily
10.Gerbera daisy
11.Weeping fig (ficus)