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Will you be taxed for breathing? Don’t exhale!

Solar Warming  A Carbon Tax is the next tax citizens of the world will likely have to pay, those of us in the US will pay more.  All this  in the name of global warming.    The more CO2 (carbon dioxide) you release, the more money you have to pay.  CO2 is the main component of the air you exhale when you breathe… will this also be taxed?  Will we survive the global warming scenario or will we all be underwater?

The theory goes that since human emissions are causing global warming, taxing  these emissions  should decrease CO2 output and slow global warming.   National Geographic recently pointed out that Mars and its polar caps are also melting- few would try to argue that fossil fuel emissions from SUVs are responsible.   Also, pluto is also heating up- last I checked, Ford doesn’t export their SUVs export beyond earth.

The National Geographic article goes on to explain that our global warming trend may primarily be due to solar variations while human emissions  have negligent impact. Harvard Physicists have also shown that the Sun’s temperature is increasing, which is playing a large part in our global warming.  As many may recall, back in the 1970s, when many cities had more than they do today, their was a scientific consensus that we were on the cusp of a global ice age.  Today, just 30 years later- the exact opposite.

In other words, global warming is due to a universal heating trend from solar emissions and warming  and not just a global trend from SUV emissions.  Now, I am not saying fuel efficient cars are not a good idea. At $3.50 gallon the fact that our cities are smog filled, this alone is a good reason to increase fuel standards.  In addition, the cleaner the air, the less asthma problems people will have.

Whatever the cause of global warming- we will likely be paying another tax whether you like it or not.  For more on a global carbon tax, visit www.carbontax.org.