Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms- Protect Yourself, Phase 6 Alert In Effect! 

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Key points regarding swine flu, (Updated   Wednesday ,  June 18th,   2009)

-The swine flu A (H1N1)  is a viral infection that originated  from pigs and was   first  isolated from pigs in the 1930s.

-From 2005 up to 2009, 10 cases of swine flu were reported in the USA according to the CDC.

-As of June 18th- According to the CDC,  17,855   cases of swine flu  were  confirmed as of June 18th, 2009,  including 44 deaths.  New York has the most deaths, with 13.

-As of June 18th, the WHO (World Health Organization) states 70 countries have   confirmed  cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection.

The World Health Organization elevated  the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5,  on April 29, 2009.   Phase 5  is called when there   is a “strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.”

Phase 6 is the highest level.  On June 11th, the WHO raised the level to Phase  6, indicating that the flu has spread worldwide.

Pandemic influenza phases


-Antibiotics do not  help this infection since it is not  from a bacteria. The only medicines which help are antivirals-

-The flu usually strikes during the Winter months and early spring. An epidemic this late is unusual.  However, there have been reports of swine flu occurring during summer camps during the summer of 2009.

Swine Flu Deaths

By May 2nd, 2009m  the WHO stated   there was another 159 probable swine flu deaths, and 1,300 people were hospitalized.   The earliest case of swine flu  was traced to patient zero-  a 5 year old boy in La Gloria, Mexico.  The  US  Company,  Smithfield Farms,  owns pig farm in town, but none of the pigs have tested positive.  Smithfield Farms denied that any of their pigs were infected in a WSJ article in May.

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Swine Flu Symptoms

The swine flu symptoms reported  when  infected  with the swine flu are similar to the symptoms of the  influenza virus  most are familiar with.   The good news is that most people who become  infected will do fine and will not have any long term complications.    Those who are immune compromised, older  or pregnant may be at higher risk of complications or serious respiratory illness.  The most common swine flu symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Congestion
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches
  • Joint Pains
  • Fevers
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased energy
  • Rarely death in more severe cases, especially from pneumonia.


The viral  infection is transmitted  to humans  who are in contact with swine, although there are several cases of swine flu in people who had no known exposure to either infected people or pigs.   Once the species barrier is crossed,  human to human  transmission can occur  with casual contact or airborne transmission, like  when one sneezes or coughs.   Eating pork products will not cause one to develop the swine flu.  Basically, this flu is passed from one person to another like any cold of flu infection.

Prevention of Swine Flu

Washing hands routinely with soap and warm water,  and wearing a N99 mask/respirator, such as the Wein ViraMask may  also be helpful if you must be in public places.  The Wein mask/respirator  is strapless and adheres tightly to all faces. When used appropriately, it does not leak.    N99 masks provide 100 x more protection than a N95 mask, which are sill a decent option.  3M is also a manufacturer of such masks.  If  you are planning on traveling by air or train, having a mask available would be a good idea in case it is needed.   Also, avoid contact with sick people whenever possible. If you are sick, stay home.

Use alcohol based hand sanitizers to minimize infection risk.  Some also use the Wein Air Supply Personal Air Purifier to help reduce exposure to airborne germs.  Further, we know that eating healthy food, getting plenty of sleep and keeping your immune system strong can help prevent infections.  Vitamin D supplementation may also be of benefit when taken in adequate doses.

Diagnosis of Swine Flu

Remember- most with flu symptoms simply have a viral infection and NOT the swine flu.   Maintaining adequate hydration is very  important  if you contract any viral illness.  The swine flu is diagnosed  when a   physician suspects infection, and sends a nasopharyngeal  swab ( a  Q-tip of  shorts placed about 2 inches in your nose towards your throat)  in a special viral collection container to a  special lab to be tested.

Treatment of Swine Flu

If you contract the swine flu, there are 2 flu medications which can be helpful.  The  CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Relenza)  for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with swine influenza viruses.  These medications can also be used for the usual avian influenza. Symptomatic care is most important.  Antibiotics will not help.  Ask your doctor about your options.  Those at high risk should  strongly be considered for treatment with medications.  High risk patients include those with diabetes, heart disease, immune compromised, seniors over age 65.

Swine Flu Vaccine

On June 12, a new vaccine was apparently produced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  If you did receive a flu vaccine this year, it will not offer you protection against the swine flu.  Baxter Pharmaceuticals however issued a press release saying they are working on a vaccine also.   Whether these will prove to be effective is unknown. In 1976, the swine flu vaccine actually killed more people that it helped (learn more).


A study by Dr. Cannell from California also showed that vitamin D can help prevent traditional influenza infections by strengthening the immune system.   A daily intake of 2,000 IU daily should be taken at minimum, by most.  A  dose of up to 10,000 IU of vitamin D  daily for a few days may also be helpful. Talk to your  doctor about this.  However, there are no studies specifically which show  swine flu is prevented by  vitamin D.  Read more about vitamin D’s potential  and the swine flu. or visit the vitaminDcouncil.org

Talk to your physician if you have concerns or other questions regarding swine flu.


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189 responses to “Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms- Protect Yourself, Phase 6 Alert In Effect! 

  1. wow very helpful


    • I used to make jokes about this till last week when I found out that a friend of mine has it and is very ill in the Hospital…Just today I found out that she won’t make it through the night…She is only in her 40’s in Southern California. Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you! If you feel sick go to the Doctors!

    • You know how everyone has the mentality that they will never be the one? That was me, until I got this awful flu. I’m a healthy 27 year old male who works out regularly…which is how I suspect I got it was at the gym from somebody. This hits you out of no where. I woke up Monday feeling fine I was a little tired and sore but I contributed that to my workout. By the time I went to bed, I could tell I was coming down with something but I wasn’t worried. My temp was normal when I went to bed. When I woke up, my temp was at 103.5, my entire hurt, and words cannot describe the headache. Usually I hate going to the doctor and using meds, always trying to let my body fight the sickness off, but I was immediately ready for anything the doctor would give me, which was tamiflu. It’s only affective the first 2 days of the sickness. Everytime I coughed, it brought tears to my eyes…feeling like someone was whacking my head with a sledgehammer. At night I’d wake up drenched in my own sweat and my bed would be soaked. It’s Friday and I’m feeling tons better. The headache has subsided. Temp down to 101. Shivering gone. By far, the worst sickness I’ve ever had…

  2. This is like the NORMAL flu how can you tell if you have the swine flu and the normal flu?

    • Dont think you can know the difference. All you can do is run to the nearest ER and they can do the required tests to confirm.
      I wonder if we can get the N99 masks at regular pharmacies…

      • erica,
        # Cough
        # Congestion
        # Nasal Congestion
        # Nausea/Vomiting
        # Diarrhea
        # Body aches
        # Joint Pains
        # Fevers
        # Sore throat
        # Headaches
        # Fatigue
        # Decreased energy
        did u get all of that on 1st day?i’m terrified because i rarely get sick, n suddenly i have fever yesterday (plus sore throat)… i only got mild headache (only for awhile, after resting it disappear) but since i’m feverish, my body aches n my joints in pain…but today, i feel much better n only cough a little…i don’t vomit or had diarrhea while being sick yesterday…FYI, i’m worried because i go to my workplace by bus (so i practically surrounded by so many people everyday)…n i even went to cinema n malls last 3 days…

        i ask my mum to get me to doctor, but she said i’m just being whiny~help me on this, plz~

    • If you get it, you;ll know it. It’s unlike any flu you’ve ever had, not worse(in most cases), just different. I had it , took 2 weeks to recover. It is critical that the first day you feel fever adn weekness , first day of symptoms that you see your MD and get the Tamiflu. It only works within 2 days of getting sick. Symptoms are sporadic , all over the place.. not in the normal order you would expect for flu so it’s hard to guage your rate of recovery, you think you’re better and a day later your fever comes back. Then you get better and two days later get a wicked cough. Feeling a little better, then your sore throat comes back with diahreah and vomitting. Don’t go to the hospital unless you develop a severe respiratory infection, or can’t hold down liquids for a period of greater than 24 hours. The logic for going to the hospital is no differnt now that it was before Swine flue.. Dead or dying only. They will not test you just becuase you have bad sinus congestion and a sore throut. They only test the most obvious and severe infections, Most hosptials and clinics don’t even beleive you anyway, they treat you like you’re a big whinner with the sniffles, some paranoid hypochrondriac.. it’s like people still think its only happening to ‘other people’ , your friends and work ostracize you thinking you’re making it up and exaggerating becuase , what are the odds of you personnaly having it.. someone they know.. Anyway, you will spend 6 hours in the emergency room, with a hundred people coughing and sneezing and if you’re not sick.. you will be when you leave. Trust me. Treatments, Benelyn All In one Night time formula works miracles, and Cepacol lemon honey lozenges is a life saver for the sore throat.. lots and lots of popsicles. Gaterade to keep you hydrated and your electrolites balanced( imbalance causes fainting, syncope, and possible heartattack). Put all your snotty kleenexes in the garbage right away, if you bedbound or on the cough, keep a plastic garbage baggie beside you. Don’t leave them scattered on your nightstand and coffee table.. they hold virus particles for up to 5 hours and you can infect your spouse or reinfect yourself as soonas your Air conditioner kicks in and starts blowing wind across the room! Lysol your immediate parimeter after you sneeze and/or blow your nose. Even if you sneeze into a kleenex. A sneeze has 100 pounds of pressure per square inch.. you’re kleenex is not going to hold back all the germs. Always hand sanitize after blowing your nose or sneezing. You don’t want to pick up your phone or tv remote and leave your germs on it for your baby or husband/wife to pick up. Also remember that blowing your nose all day can make you dehydrated. Drink lots of Water and OJ. I could write a novel on this.. if you need/want more info email me at erica_holloway@hotmail.com

      • Hi Erica,
        Thanks for s detaliled posting. I am a school teacher. Last Monday, a grade 1 child died from h1n1 ifection in our neighborhood school. She could not get the right help. As you said the doctors thought the parents are exagerating and sent them back 2 times from the clinic on the same day advicing them to give advil (ibuprofen). It spread so quickly on her that she got it on Sunday (may be the visible symptoms appeared on Sunday) and died on Monday. When I read that dehydartion and electrolyte imbalance could cause a heartattack, which I assume has exactly has happened in that child’s case. She threw up several times on Sunday and apparently on their way to hospital on Monday, she complained of chest pain and those are her last words. I am extremely upset because of the irresopnsible behaviour of the doctors in this regard. Thanks for all the info. I am being very cautiuos when I go to school everyday. Also it is partly my responsibility to educate the parents and children what exactly they can do on their part even if they do not know if they have the virus or not.

      • hi erica,i just want to ask that i m 13 years old.
        my quest is this tht i m going to school daily so can u advice me something how can i protect myself during the school hours?

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m so scared right now, ZI have almost all of those symptoms, but I thought I was coming down with a cold, no biggie. Should I see a doctor???

  4. this shit is scary i think i have it man!!!some1 help me i dont wnna die!!!ooohhhh shhhhiiiitttt

  5. That looks like a regular flu, shame obama did not catch it! lol

  6. hiii[;

  7. Not scared of the swine flu

  8. Thak you for your information. It’s good for me. :)

  9. just returned from mexico 2 weeks ago..not feeling great but not so bad.. but our 3 your old son is getting very sick…

    all symptoms listed above ,,but with vomitting…

    not sure ..coincidence…or should i get him to the dr./??hmmmm

  10. here are some links so you can know where is possible that all this mess originates


  11. beaware of it ( swine flu)

  12. welcome to another pharmaceutical multi million dollar deal:)

  13. It has a list of the symptoms up above i dont know if i have it i started to sneeze this morning but i dont have any other symptoms if anything starts to delvlope ill let you guys know

  14. What does it mean by rarley death ?

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  16. Since the virus gets into the body via the respiratory tract I recommend that my patients wash their nose every time they wash their hands. Iowa researchers have shown that a solution of xylitol is effective at washing the nose.


  18. the zombie appolips is coming!!

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  20. really scared i live in new york 56 people help me

  21. howey fealzersnatch

    i would recommend that we stuff alchohol tampons in our nose’s until this shit is over… any one read about 1918??? thats virus was different of cores but still bears the h1n1 logo so not to different right?

  22. I feel the solution to all viral infections is treatment based on symptomatology ,ie , the basis of Homoeopathy. Swine flu is not an exception to this. Viral design will cotinue to change . There is no end to invent vaccine to every changing constitution of the virus . While reading the main symtoms of Swine flu very common medicines in Homoeopathyhich could easily manage this epidemic . The world forum of Homoeopathists should come forward to assist the countries ailing under this scourge.

  23. new polemic in people now,so we must protect our body,start now….

  24. Great, thanks!

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  26. i think i might have it:(

  27. i think i might have swine flu:(

    • LISTEN!!!!! If anyone has 2 or more of the S. Flu symptoms, you shouldn’t be typing away saying i have this and i think i have that!! You should be pressing your right foot down hard on the right pedal in your car and driving straight to the emergency room!! Or instead, use your fingers to call your doctor! Not to type on your computer!!! Seriously. This flu isn’t going away, it’s spreading all over the world!!
      Good luck to all, and god bless.

      • I followed your advice and crashed my car. I think the temperature affected my reactions so didn´t see the truck coming my way.


      • I agree but what do you do when you go to emergency sit there for hours and the doctor tells you to go home you will either get better or die

  28. Pandemiologist

    I don’t think this virus will last very long. In fact, its decreasing in its Capital – Mexico. That’s some good news so don’t be afraid. Just Oblige to the instructions that are in this site and you’ll be fine.

  29. the swine flu isn’t much to worry about, most won’t get it and it is RARELY death, its been around since the 1930s so there’s nothing they can do about it

  30. if you have the smitms you should go to the doc you are amoron if you dont go to the doc . asswhole go to the docter.

  31. has it reached new zealand or singapore?
    i was gonna go their during my summer brk.

  32. I have like 9 of those symtons right now.. could i be infected then?

  33. Excellent advice! However, there will times when new sickness will appear on earth. Medicine will not know how to cure them. But there is hope for those that want to do the work. A free gift for humanity is available. No group to join, no money required. Any human being, regardless of skin color, religion, political or religious position has the potential within. Please ask for a free book at http://www.hercolubus.tv. It has the practices to prepare yourself. No one can do the job for you. You and you alone can prepare for what is already happening: Floods, Earthquakes, Global Warming, Pandemics, World wars etc.

  34. I know I shouldn’t worry about this, but it seriously is scaring me. I have most of the symptoms, and my mom doesn’t want to take me to the doctor to get tested for it. I have a HUGE fear of death, probablly my biggest fear, and if this flu causes death, obviously I’m going to be even more afraid of it.
    What should I do?

    • I am the same way, i am terrified of death! I fear mostly for my 2 kids. My 1yr old just came home from Stonington CT, she had a temp of 102.00 and a runny nose. I took her to the doctor, but she had an ear infection also, so i’m not sure if that throws the whole thing out of route. If i were you sweetie, i would call my primary care doctor, tell them your symptoms and see what they say. If they tell you to go to the hospital, then go!! You’ll be in good hands. I’m praying for you. Hope everything worked out. God bless you.

  35. divabestbelieveher

    im wondering if weight loss is incorporated into this…and also loss of appetite?!? i know of someone with most of the symptoms above but she also has the ones ive named..anyone know?

  36. Pandemiologist

    The H1N1 virus is only a serious virus in Mexico. Everywhere else its all mild/miner symtoms. Nothing to worry about. But still, if you do think you have the virus, go see the doctor.

    Divabesbelieveher, I think you are anorexic. You can go and search that on the web to find more inofrmation on that. Or maybe you’re just freaking out.

  37. Pandemiologist


    WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Poonam Agrawal

    i hav all the symptoms…bt i thot its nt here in India…will go to doctor now

  39. this shit is dumb everyone is overreacting!!!!

  40. The Swine Flu is nothing more then the Flu. I Believe that if the media actually did a report on the topic of the Flu, people like you and me would freak about a pandemic: as much as they are today about the swine flu. Personally I wouldn’t be in hysteria becuase we would need to have intellegiance confirm rather or not it was an act of a bioterrorist. People die every day of the flu. All this is,is a new virus. same humans diffrent problem.

  41. OMG I think I have the H1N1 pandemic virus what do i do to stop it (if I have it) how do I prevent from getting others sick?

  42. After reading this ….i realized i have all the symtoms except one…the diareah thing….im 13 years old. The worst thing i have is the sore throat and the coughing. next is the headaches…and so on…=[…im really scared i have to stay in my room all the time now. I think i have the swine flu…..God help me


  44. I just woke up today at 1 a.m. with horrible diarrhea and vomitting. I also have chills, muscle and joint pain, a stuffy nose, and a bit of a headache. Should I run to the ER now or what!!!???

  45. Your all retarded calm down. were all dead its all good.



  47. I DONT WANNA DIE!!!!

  48. China needs this

  49. pls inform people(name, addrss, etc.) for those who are infected with the virus.

  50. People, please. CALM DOWN. Seriously, all I see is a bunch of typing error’s and a bunch of lunacy. Maybe we should make another set of symptoms of Swine Flu: Illiteracy, Idiocy, and lunacy. Maybe THEN will we see a big pandemic.

  51. Thats a really bad diease i would make sure i dont shake nobodys hand anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. The Swine H1N1 flu is just like the regular flu except this one has the POTENTIAL to be a bit more dangerous. It seems, from what I’ve read from the medical and government sites, that the younger people are the more severely they are affected – this also applies to those who are elderly or have chronic illnesses like HIV, organ transplant or other health problems like hepatitis, aids, heart disease, risks factors for heart disease, etc….. Babies and Children are especially susceptible to this flu.

    Best advice – if you have ANY symptoms of the flu then go to the doctor WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE BEGINNING OF THE SYMPTOMS as this is the best time to treat the flu with tamiflu and/or other flu treatments. It’s probably going to be treated the same whether it’s the simple flu like we get every year (the one you get the flu shot for) or the swine (h1n1) flu. If you’re in the U.S.A. then most likely it’s not severe enough to kill you because most fatal cases have been reported in Mexico and other countries. I think people in the USA tend to get better treatment or at least treated quicker. There haven’t been that many deaths here (USA) with this strain of flu. However, the flu does kill people every year – but again, it’s usually people who have other health problems that make having the flu worse. I have asthma so almost every time I get sick – even if it’s just a cold – then it turns into or almost turns into pneumonia. Anyone with respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, emphysema, or other chronic health problems should see a doctor immediately anytime they get sick.

    The best thing to do right now is to try to PREVENT the flu in the first place and then if you get any symptoms take the following protective measures:
    stay at least 6 feet away from people who are sick when possible,
    wear a mask that will filter out the virus,
    wash your hands often,
    use a tissue, don’t cough into the air – use your hand, tissue, sleeve or something and then wash your hands or use one of the hand sanitizers asap,
    and see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.
    If you don’t have insurance then go to the free clinic or health department in your area for treatment. Or ask someone to help you pay for the doctor visit. Local churches and some non-profit organizations will help with medical costs. Friends and family will usually help too – if they are really good friends and close family who can afford to help.

    Good health and God’s Blessings to you all.

    • BTW – IF you are sick with the flu (swine or other), or have any illness at all for that matter, be sure to DRINK PLENTY OF LIQUIDS – water is preferable but any drink will help. It’s best to drink clear liquids and not sodas or milk until you are well as the clear liquids somehow speed up the healing process. Also if you get nausea or diarrhea then the soda/milk can make it worse as will most dairy products. Water, Gatorade or juice is probably best – pedialyte is best for kids but juice will do if they won’t drink pedialyte.

      Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice and take all of your medications until they are gone or as instructed by your doctor. You need to take ALL the antibiotics the doctor gives you (unless he/she changes the medication and/or tells you to stop taking them for some reason). Taking all of your medications will help to get the virus out of your system but stopping the medication prematurely could allow what’s left of the virus to come back even if your symptoms are gone.

      • Actually if you want to drink soda, drink Ginger Ale. Most ginger ale is made from real ginger which settles your stomach.

        Don’t take my word for it, I learned this from Mythbusters.

        Also I’ve not seen any prevention tips of having good old vitimin C daily (2000mg).

  53. hey i am suffering from a runny nose and i have stomack aces and a little coagh i used to have soar throught but know its gone what should i do

  54. hey………. anybody wash your hand & takecare of your self…………….

  55. Hi my name is Hayley k, my 1yr old daughter Skylar just came back from stonington CT, she had a fever of 102.00 on Tuesday night, then she came home on Wednesday june 3rd. I took her to the dr.
    She has a runny nose, and a right ear infection. Now she has a cough. I didn’t know if it was possible that she has the swine flu, or does the ear infection throw it off? Thank you so much for your time.

  56. Im not feeling well now. :(

  57. Pandemiologist

    Its not a big deal anymore. Calm down and stop overeacting.

  58. i think people should be educated properly about its origins…and what precautions those infected countries were doing…

  59. The information is really good.
    I think more of programs on mass awareness needs to done.

  60. erm… well.. i have some of the symptoms.. but.. i dunno… should i go see a doctor? =/

  61. Thank you for the information. Helps a lot.

  62. oh!!!!!!!!! mine i got some symtoms like vomiting, cough and soar throat……… does it mean i have swine flu…..
    what should i do??????????????????????

    help me God……………

  63. good information for student of health sciencs

  64. there’s nothing we can do about this AH1N1, we have to be clued-up that this disease has no CURE since it is a VIRUS. No drugs can slay VIRUS, except our own IMMUNE SYSTEM in which everyone of us HAS it. We should remember that VIRUS are self-limiting organisms, no cure for it. We can only alleviate those symptoms, but not the disease itself. So, we can do nothing except WASHING HANDS, AVOID CROWDED PLACES, use HANDKERCHIEF to protect urself and others, and most of all KEEP UR BODY HEALTHY(eating nutritious foods to provide our body a natural vitamins and minerals-not the synthetic one or those OTC and regular exercise)..


    keep GOD at the center….

    Go go Ateneo de Davao

  65. excellent though

  66. russell banawa

    luckily i recovered after taking bioflu for 1 week, im too lucky that my immune system is strong now,shame on swineflu

  67. Let’s just say you already have the symptoms…what do you think you should do?

  68. I think prevention still is best. Can Vit. C help as immune system booster?

  69. article is really gud!!

  70. End of the world coming..
    1st, SARS virus happened in HK
    2nd, Tsunami
    3rd, China, Tze Chuan earthquake
    4th, currently, h1n1 virus
    5th, recently, heavy haste in our country.

    predictor predict that year 2019 = end of our mother world.

    • do you know what you are talking about, ah? I don’t believe if it is true or not, all I can say and I know, I’m secure because I have my God,. my Jesus.

      I don’t believe that 2019 will be the end of our mother world because God is not like that, and He has many many many many plans for us, He loves us because He treats us like his son. He is just, holy and does’nt want his creation be destroyed by this simple things.

      Hey yah, Hello people, wake up and open your eyes, why don’t you try to believe and trust Him? He’s waiting for you. The angels of heaven will sing and dance if you accept Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior and you let His Holy Spirit be upon you.

      God Bless

    • Hi dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!of coarse,,,,,,,God is always there but we cant really avoid to get worry b’coz of the effect of such disease…………..

  71. “PREVENTION is better than CURE”

  72. This comes in handy especially to people who start to show similar symptoms, so that they will know that to do and what not to do. Thanks!

  73. ill live in the Philippines I`m turning 13 and then i can feel headache then i have cough and cold my body is hot but I didn’t check my temperature do I have a chance that it is Swine Flu I haven’t checkup yet but i want to recover any comments?

  74. i feel some body pains,hightemp., and jaw pains
    is it consider as one of h1n1 virus symptoms?

  75. I felt some body pains, a little head aches,
    high temp. and jaw pains.
    Is it considere as h1n1 virus symptoms?

  76. marielle ramos

    if you were diagnosed of that ah1n1 virus and like in the philippines they were adviced to self quarrantine to those who are infected, the question is, what to do in the house, what particular medicine to take? please do answer this question.

  77. its your destiny..

  78. I think I´m possesed by the swine flu… I wouldn´t normally respond to blogs and make jokes about this.

    Please advice.

  79. Had all symtoms for 5 days now…….. not feeling good…………. my ass is on fire when I sh*t too……. not sure if going make it…………… only getting worst…….. need to close eye’s now……….. see you on rebound……….

  80. How many days it takes to attack on u suppose u come in contact swine
    afffected person.

  81. while i understand the need to ask questions about things you dont know about…..this thread is only succeeding in scaring people…….way to go folks

  82. that is why…people shouldnt be allowed to breed PIGS! asnd pork doesnt taste good anyways. KILL ALL PIGS…BURN EM ALL

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  84. leave it all to God.. :))

  85. Scared - of you!

    What a laugh. Seriously – if you think you are ill go to the doctor. Posting up here with “OMG am I going to die” or “I think I have all these sysmptoms, should I go”. Seriously? No, really – think about it. It’s flu, chances are it’ll go away on it’s own – the people who need real assistance are the young (and the dude who mentioned his kid was really ill – my god! Surely that’s a prank posting – or someone should track down your IP and report you to CS!) and the old. So if you are on this message board posting nonesense; chances are you’ll be ok. But it’s common sense people – I can’t believe that we live in such a nanny-state that you have to ask complete strangers if going to the doctor is the right thing to do when you feel ill! They say we are at the most advanced state of our civilisation. Really?

  86. i had sinus this morning…. now i have flu n slight fever… no other symptoms r visible… i hope dat lasts…. can it b swine flu??

  87. What if no fever is present, but most of the other symptoms?

  88. Need help, look up.

    no need for all the rude postings people. I work in a hospital and this IS a serious illness. People need to consult a doctor, if they say that you do not have it, then great, at least you know. It is always a good idea to get your symptoms looked at by a doctor. I really think it is important if you may be around children or older seniors. Although it may not kill you it may kill a high risk person such as the child or senior. I think that we all need to respond to others postings with genuine concern. There is a website that the government has set up will all the data collected on the disease thus far. I would encourage people to go there and get the facts. Unless you are directly related to the study or a physican then I am not sure why anyone would feel they have the expertise to correctly give medical advice to any of the postings except their personal experience. I do have three of the symptoms but I am going today to get the test done, that will answer all the questions.

  89. My GF got sick last weekend with slight flu and body aches and head aches. Until now she feels same symptoms can this be H1N1? We have few cases in the island and it’s bothering me since yesterday. But right now I don’t get any flu symptoms at all. Can we seek medical attention?

  90. Conspiracy???

    They’ve had samples of the 1918 flu virus that were saved for almost 90 years until early ’07 when they took them out and started playing with them in an effort to create new vaccines. Does anyone else find it odd that 1 year after they started toying with a known deadly flu virus that another one which is very similar suddenly pops up out of nowhere?

    Coincidence perhaps, but perhaps not……

    Google it if you don’t believe me.


  92. you should all look at


    We have cases here in scotland & they dont do swabs now!! they just give you Tamiflu, seemingly it’s to stop widespread panic.


  93. i just want to ask, is tonsilitis considered as “sore throat”. i have tonsilitis right now..im praying its not considered as sore throat because sore throat is one of the symptoms..i learned from a friend that if you have this virus, you will have tonsil inflamation..is this true?i hope i can get a reply..thanks a lot..God bless everyone..

  94. New flu resembles feared 1918 virus: Study

    WASHINGTON – The new H1N1 influenza virus bears a disturbing resemblance to the virus strain that caused the 1918 flu pandemic, with a greater ability to infect the lungs than common seasonal flu viruses, researchers reported on Monday.

    Tests in several animals confirmed other studies that have shown the new swine flu strain can spread beyond the upper respiratory tract to go deep into the lungs — making it more likely to cause pneumonia, the international team said.

    In addition, they found that people who survived the 1918 pandemic seem to have extra immune protection against the virus, again confirming the work of other researchers.

    Read more at the Calgary Herald:


  95. Very helpful…..keeps one clued up!
    No all we have to do is be cautious and follow the guide.
    Thanks once again!

  96. do you get these all in same time or just some of them and some No .Reply xixa95@hotmail.com

  97. ive been feeling ill for 3days now,feeling sick most of the time,hot and cold,cough,aches and pains,one minute i feel ok then next feel really ill sometimes feels like im going to pass out,what should i do

  98. Getting vitaminD could help? However, I tried to get out from the house while I thought fully recovered after the fifth days I started becoming sick, and after I was having the direct sunlight outside, my body started to get the fever again, and the symptoms of flu came again. May I know any details of the difference? Just wonder why the sunlight could increase the symptom to re-appear one more time. When I stayed at house, everything was fine, but if I got touched with direct light, I would feel weak. Any comments, please? Thanks.

  99. when swine flu is contagious please, i know some one whoes kid is diagnosed with swine flu and she’s not yet , may be shes a carrier , will the virus spread from her aat this phase??

  100. Was wondering, i got this symptoms at sunday morning, when i wake up at 11am, i feel i had a fever with some pain all over body especial leg part cause walk..then i went to purchase panadol from a grocery eat it n rest till 5pm that day, after wake up i felt my fever was gone down or just my own thinking but i sweat alot starting on then.
    now is tuesday 2 days after the symptoms starts. on monday and tuesday i feel like cold a while then after a while i feel my body is hot( but not the head part is body part) then now i wondering just a normal thing or is the H1N1? fever,body pain, body feel hot or cold sometimes,mouth easy dry, sweat alot,tired….
    can some proffessional tell me i just ok or not ok? thx~ ^^ cause i not sure is because at the night before sunday, i sweat after do something and went to bath straight away o.o” was it the cause? thx

  101. swapnil mahakal

    oh my goodness it very horrible
    i wana thanks for those people who upload this information on the net

  102. i wud like to tell everyone that be care of urself and pray daily because God can do everything and nothing is impossible in his Book.

    do whatever Dr.says and try to keep aways urself fm coudy places.
    rest all put in God’s hand and faith on him..
    he will surely take care.

    fm kuwait

  103. anamika malhotra

    I agree with you that swine flu awareness is needed, but there is no need to be panicky and join the publicity propaganda carried out by media and others which acts as a vehicle to spread misconception than to spread scientific information.

    These are few facts about swine flu when discussed with the leading epidemiologists.

    1) Swine flu, that is H1N1 flu is not new, first detected in 1987
    2) Infective stage of flue is 5 days, 1 day before and 4 days after onset of symptoms
    3) The best way to prevent it spreading is asking patient having symptoms of flu like fever cough and running nose to take rest at home for 4 days so he does not transmit it
    4) Masks are of limited value if any, in this disease, it can spread through droplets on your skin, through contact etc, and I have seen that the masks in Pune are worn as fashion statement, while walking on road today morning I saw people wearing masks coming out for a morning walk with their dogs!, many wearing masks around their necks, and so on , infact these masks shall act as the vehicles to carry the virus, instead, avoiding crowded places or cinema halls or malls where air conditioners are on, is advisable, because you get recalculated air, where the virus density multiplies
    5)Death after H1N1 flu is not common, infect infections like measles is taking toll of thousands more every year, and we are oblivious of the facts. Swine flu is being blown out of proportion by media trying to create hysteria among lay people.
    6) Fever accompanied by respiratory distress, should be immediately notified which is likely to be a complication of H1N1 flu
    7)The mortality is less than .01 percent of those affected, that means may be one in 10,000 affected is likely to suffer the life loss.
    8) If you remember, 2 years ago SARS was blown out of proportion, what happened? Humans develop immunity to the virus, the same is going to happen, we develop immunity in due course of time, the virus is in the air, you can not stop it, our body is already developing the immunity so nothing to panic.
    We need to take care of children and elderly who have less immunity and do not let them go to crowded places that are all.

  104. wow very helpful. Thanks

  105. must drink coconut oil every 1hour……

  106. If Diabitic patients with sugar level in control gets H1N1 then what are the chances of survival???

  107. What are the first day (very very early) symptoms of h1n1

  108. This is all bull! Swine flu is just as critical as any other type of common flu. Every year thousands of people die of the common flu. In fact they die of pneumonia or sth else caused by any type of severe flu. Most of the people who get the swine flu pass it as a common cold without even knowing it and they get well without even any medication.

    Do you remember the first time you heard the name “Tamiflu”? It was when the supposed “bird-flu” delirium broke out. The company who produced it tried to take advantage by the panic of this fake disease but did not succeed. Now they are trying to sell what they couldn’t sell back then by making people believe that this flu is actually dangerous.

    So if you want to protect yourselves take the common precautionary steps. Avoid infected people and crowded places, do not touch your eyes and ears and wash your hands frequently. Everything else is bullshit.

  109. I am getting over it and I will tell you what I am doing that is helping me. I have had it for over 3 weeks. I would recommend first and foremost if you think you are sick immediately go to the emergency room and get a Tamiflu shot. If you wait, it won’t help you. Secondly, mucus seems to be the worst thing about this flu. So get a mucus expectorant with Guaifenesin. This helps a lot. Next, peppermint tea helps. I think it is anti-viral. So drink it and drink lots of water. Buy some Vitamin D tablets and Lysine. You can get these things at a drug store or if you have a Walmart. Take Lysine two or three times a day when you are real sick and gradually reduce back to once a day when you get better, but take it and Vitamin D, even when you feel well. I would take it at least 5 days after you are well just to keep the virus out of your system. It tends to come back and that is why it is such a nasty virus. Someone called it the ping pong virus because it can come back. Rest a lot and keep drinking fluids. If you cough up a lot of mucus that is green or brown, red with blood, or yellow, and you are coughing up a lot of it, you need to go to the emergency room or if you have a high fever over 101, especially anything over 102, get to the emergency room too. Drink cold drinks if you have a fever. If you can’t breath very good, again go to the emergency room.
    Ricola cough drops help on coughing and throat itching. I wish anyone who has it get well and I know what you are going through. Watch funny things too, to keep your spirits up. This virus can make you not have any energy so just getting up and walking can help you. Don’t be in a hurry to get back to work or school. Get over it totally first, so you don’t have to deal with it again. Also so others don’t get it. This isn’t a virus to panic, but on the other hand, don’t take it lightly either. It isn’t something you want to get, trust me, so prevention is the best thing; wash your hands really well, avoid people who are coughing or sneezing, don’t touch your hand to your nose and avoid large crowds if you can. Hope this helps someone.

  110. what to do if we come in catch of H1N1 virus ?

  111. Pingback: Just A Flu «

  112. actaully i have some COUGH,FEVER,pains .now every thing is fine except cough.and iam healthy also .is it swine flu.

  113. My sister is experiencing that 4 symptoms such as fever, body aches, sore throat and weakness. Is she positive in acquiring AH1N1?

  114. my sister have fever, sore throat, body aches and discomfort. Is there be a possibility that she can acquire AH1N1?

  115. i am a labour working in pharmacy in saudi arabia before 5 day i get severe flu +sevre headach+dysentary i visited a clinic doctot give me cetrizine & tell me not to worry now but after 5 day i still have severe headach +mild fever so please guide me what to do

  116. i m a student of bba.
    i have to spend a huge time out side of my home.
    i m so afraid about swine flu.
    its really so dangerous.
    plz Allah help us……

  117. Hey,I’m feeling a bit strange lately..My chest hurts a bit ,I feel like I have something stuck in my neck,I have itches,however no vomiting and diarrhea,no fever,head aches I have but I usually have them.I have to mention that I’m 20 and smoke like 40 cigarettes daily..can it be because of the smoking?

  118. WHAT TO DO
    I have read so many people wanting to know what to do, please don’t panic. Take precautions. Don’t go near where lots of people gather, if you have to, wear a mask. Second, don’t breath in as best you can if someone coughs or sneezes near you, or get away from them if possible. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and wash them often, especially after you touch anything where others touch, like public doors. Don’t touch your hand to your nose, use your sleeve instead. The H1N1virus, you can catch by touching something a sick person with H1N1 touched so be careful not touching your nose unless your hands are clean with antibacterial soap and wash them in hot water and for at least 15 seconds.

    Buy Vitamin D, Zinc and Lysine. Keep them on hand and start taking them the minute you start to feel sick. Always eat first before taking Zinc since it can give you a stomachache. Take two Lysine, once at night and once in the day. Take Vitamin D once a day. Take Zinc once a day after you eat. If you have asthma, it is much tougher to get over H1N1, so I recommend anyone with chronic lung problems to go ahead and go to the hospital early.

    Drink LOTS of water! If you have diarrhea, you can get Pepto Bismol, it works really well. Take as directed. If you have diarrhea, also if you can get it, get Gatorade drinks. Any kind of Gatorade will do. I drank the fruit punch which was fine. This will help keep your body stable so you don’t dehydrate (lose too much body water). Eat peppermint. It helps. If you can get it, get cayenne pepper capsules. This helped me with my lungs. Take Ricola cough drops. This helped me a lot too with coughing and mucus. Peppermint tea works good too. Last, if you get too much mucus in your lungs, get to the emergency room as soon as possible. How much is too much? Well, you have to be the judge, if you can’t breath well and feel to much mucus in your lungs, get to the emergency room. Thank God that I got over H1N1 and all these things helped me get over it. I didn’t have to go to the hospital thank God. I took Lysine, Vitamin D, lots of water, peppermint, peppermint tea, cayenne pepper capsules, Pepto Bismol, Gatorade, Ricola cough drops, prayer and that got me over it and I give credit to God for healing me! I got all the items listed at Walmart, but most drugstores would have these items too.

    I also got outdoors as soon as I was able and sat in the sun and breathed fresh air for 30 minutes a day. It really helps your lungs, but don’t do this on a cold day, or a rainy day. Wait until it is a nice warm day and try to get to a place with fresh air, like a park, if you live in a city, or out in nature. If you live in a cold place, a hot spa would be good to get in for 30 minutes a day. I took hot showers as soon as I was well enough and it helped my lungs too. If your English is limited, you can use the Google translator for many languages. Go to Google and find the language tools link. Hope this helps you! God Bless!

  119. Oh one other thing: I took Lysine – once a day, and Vitamin D – once a day, and cayenne pepper capsules – once a day even after I was well for 1 week, just to make sure it didn’t come back, which H1N1 can do. God Bless!

  120. Oh I almost forgot! I also used Mucus Relief, a mucus expectorant with Guaifenesin! Also got at Walmart. This helped when mucus would stick in my lungs. It helped pull it out. So if you have mucus in your lungs, get it, but like I said before, if you have too much mucus in your lungs and you can’t hardly breath, get to the emergency room. God Bless!

  121. Yes, not all those infected with H1N1 exhibit fever.

    “Troubling sign: No fever, odd symptoms in many swine flu cases”


    More troubling still, many patients with H1N1 swine flu, even those who are severely ill, show no signs of fever, a strange twist to the latest outbreak that may make cases more difficult to spot, and thus complicate efforts to control the virus…

    Fever is one of the classic early signs of influenza, with a patient’s body temperature rising sharply up to 104 degrees at the beginning of the of illness. Because fever is viewed infectious-disease experts as the most critical sign of influenza, screening of fever is a central part of the evaluation process. However, about one in three patients assessed by American expert, Dr. Richard P. Wenzel, at two Mexico City hospitals showed no fever when screened, he said.


    The CDC includes fever it the pandemic H1N1 case definition, so the frequency is high, but even with fever in the case definition, 7% of confirmed cases have no fever.

  122. I’m getting more worried about this. Before I just shrugged it off, but it is supposed to hit hard this fall. My dad has a very weak immune system and we live in a big city and he is constantly in public places. And he is very stubborn, but hopefully he will take extra precaution. Very worry for this fall. Anyone, head to the docotor if you feel sick! Don’t put it off and pretend it will go away. Stay healthy!

  123. i just got back to michigan from las vegas, my stomach is hurting and i have had a headache for 4 days, i am tired and i am congested, my throat just started hurting today, but i do not have diahrea or vomitting, just blood in my feces, will i be ok?

  124. thanx for the information guys i think we should be more careful and take care of ourselves God protect you all!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. i think my hole family has it if your hole family has go to to the doctor or if your dson has you must have it too

  126. thx so much i did a project u helped thx again!!!

  127. just to let everyone know- I have the Swine flu right now. Its just like the regular flu!!! My doc even said here in the US its an even mmilder case of the regular flu virus! I only had a fever for 2 days and this is my 3rd day and I’m feeling sooooo much better!! I’m 25 female in NC. Please don’t panic people, I thought I had strep throat!! Its really not that bad unless you have an underlying serious medical condition. If you do end up with it, stay in bed, take advil and drink fluids and you will be better in NO time!! God Bless!! Xoxo

  128. just took my 18 year old daughter to Insta Care. She has Juvenile Diabetes and spiked a temp of 104 last night after a day of fever and congestion. I never thought she’d test positive, but wanted to rule it out because of her compromised immune system. She has it. H1N1. She’s on Tamiflu and thanks to your posts, I will run and get the lysine and vitamin D and peppermint tea. With diabetes and kidney disease, this brings on a whole new level of anxiety. We will for sure act immediately on any concern as we fight this. All 4 kids are students at the local University, and are very worried. Pay attention to symptoms and don’t take them lightly. I would have, had she not been diabetic.

  129. shoot… I have fever… headache… weakness… cough… and heavy perspiration…

  130. I don’t have swine flu.but i wasched everytime my hand with soap and warm water.
    I am scare about the flu.I just want to be protective.
    But thanks for the information.It helps more.:)

  131. idon’t have fever..i mean my temperature was little above normal..it’s normal now,but i still have sore throat,Cough
    Nasal Congestion
    Body aches
    Decreased energy
    how differentiate between ordinary flu and swine flu?
    now,i have no fever,but lately someone i had contact with had swine flu..i feel scared

  132. So death is a symptom of the swine flu? And the swine flu is a disease? Did a 7th grade underachiever write this?

  133. lefty on Sept 13 – How is your daughter? Better?

  134. Okay, I’m pretty sure I just have a cold but I’m worried so a little advice would be nice! I have the following symtoms
    *runny nose
    *some chills but not many
    *a small fever but barely 100
    *just a few small pains in my calfs
    *Little headache but I beileve its just sinus pressure
    *Somewhat tired but when your sick you do get tired

  135. ive had most of the aymptoms (except fever) but its gone now if it comes back then im going to the doctor

  136. well i’m laying in bed with most of the symptoms listed above, including a steadily rising fever of 101 degrees, it’s gonna be a loong night

  137. I think I have a mild case of swine flu or h1n1 because I have been having many of the symptoms. I have been experiencing a cough, fatigue in my joints, vomiting (only once), sore throat, tired, a high fever and headaches. Do you think that I have swine flu? and if so is it serious?

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  139. where have you been Jessica. Di dyou read any of this stuff

  140. you have the swine flu totally stay away!!!!!!!

  141. 7 People in my class have it :(
    I am so scared it is not even funny :(
    i have a stuffy nose but nothing esle
    i am getting the Swine flu shot today

  142. i had my flu shot and iam a diabetic and actually i had 2 shot s in 1 week one for h1n1 and Pneumonia shot so if i get the h1n1 i will be protected from Pneumonia so now im having headaches and fever and i think my body is fighting the vaccine are in my body ,but i still feel ok when i take my tylenol and i just need to wait it out and hope my fever goes away .I already consulted a nurse and no panick to my situation but its very important to get H1N1 vaccine so when your in public your protected.But all this Swin Flu deaths people panick when they hear it on the news .what about other things that cause death like highway accidents ,the regular flu virus ,cancer ,why are the media blowing this out of proportion . they make this Swine flu like if you get it you will die ,but people survive and get better .Why is the media not covering the people that do get better .The media should be more positive and people do get better instead of scaring people .

  143. Jennifer Sandford

    Wow. I am amazed that people are starting to realize there are things you can do for swine flu survival via natural remedies and full knowledge of the various brands of vaccines. Dr. Pedre is an expert doctor who pulled all the facts together.

    you can download this book or buy a copy…it’s pretty comprehensive.


  144. sick of being sick

    People are so “witty” & full of humor! Anyone who is reading to actually get informed….I’ve had it since Tuesday. I woke up with a headache & felt kind of stuffy, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. That headache QUICKLY turned in to the worst headache of my entire life…then a couple hours later, fevering, body aches, & chills. I went to the doctor & was told I have H1N1. I’ve done nothing but sleep for the past 5 days & I’ve been on Tamiflu, tylenol, & tons of vitamins since I was diagnosed. Today is the first day I’ve had enough energy to do something besides get up & lay on the couch. I’m still fevering & my chest hurts so I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow.
    My advice: if you fee like you suddenly got hit by a ton of bricks, go to the doctor immediately!! I didn’t think I would get swine flu nor was I that concerned about it prior to (I too thought the media was blowing it out of proportion).

    • I hope that you have now completely recovered. I am on my 3rd day my caugh was dry in the past couple of days. Now I’m getting a different caugh and a runny nose occasionaly. Did that happen with you? Thanks

  145. It all started when I was on holiday with my wife. After a nice lunch we went shopping. I was feeling weak. Thought nothing of it. Went back to the hotel and had an afternoon nap. Could not get up in the evening. Forced myself out but had no appetite for dinner could not even drink a glass of water. Went to sleep at night only to get up a few hours later and vomit several times. In the morning I was feeling awful and had diarea. I beleived that I had indigestion. Followed was a fever and chills. Next day woke up with a caugh and fever. Went to the doc, who immediately suspected swine flu. He sent me out to be tested and results came out positive. I quarantined myself to avoid passing the virus and started tamiflu along with other anti biotics. I beleive that I am recovering from a nasty illness but sadly my wife developed the symptoms a day later and I am hoping that she recovers as well. 5 days in quarantine can be extremely boaring but it’s essential not to spread the virus.

  146. Im 13 years old and i have all of the symptoms. I have been to the doctor sevreal times and he thinks it not swine flu. What do I do?

  147. I was skeptical thought this was all hyped up by the govt. Then my room mate tested pos. Lovely of her to share it with me. It is THE MOST HORRIBLE thing i have ever been infected with. Since I was laid off with the majority of the country I couldnt get proper medical care. After being severely ill for 5 days i finally raked out the cash to see a Dr. I’m on day 7 of the illness and my head hurts so bad my ears feel like they might explode. Nobody mentions the ear infections, in terms of pain, its right up there with the sore throat, coughing and headache. If you feel sick, quarantine yourself. This is no bs. My poor fiance hasnt been able to touch me in over a week!

  148. derek pearson

    ive had a really sore throught for a week, feel really drained,bad dry cough the last 2 days it feels like my left ear is full of wax but it isnt and nomatter how many times i clean my ear it still feels blocked, im sweety and run down. no vomiting nor the runs . any ideas. i dont want to 4n a dr to be told to take asperin

  149. derek pearson,

    Sounds like acute sinusitis. You might benefit from rinsing your nose with saltwater (a quarter teaspoon to a glass of lukewarm water – if you have high blood pressure, make sure you don’t swallow the salty gue that comes down in the back of your throat, and rinse your mouth with clear water afterward). Several tyimes per day.

    If you are not getting better within a few days, or develop more ear pain and/or fever, see your doctor.

    Best wishes,

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  150. Folks,

    My rommmate got high Fever over the last weekend and when he visited the doc, they suspected him to be affected by Swine Flu and gave him some meds. This stubborn guy insists its nothing and is not taking any tests to check on that. Am freakin out here sharing my room with him.! I cannot move out and all i can do is to i keep myself clean and pray for the best! What do i do now??
    Kindly advice!!

  151. Lucky the swine flu outbreak has been controlled. But i think there will be some huge coming up soon. Another money making opportunity for the medical industry. sigh

  152. this is a world-class write-up. I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention. People should understand its importance as well…

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