Do Air Purifiers Work on Plane Trips?

By Robert Haru Fisher
January 2, 2008

You may have seen those odd-looking little black or gray things hanging around the necks of fellow air travelers. They are the size of a small matchbox or a really tiny MP3 player. The idea behind these “ionizers” is that they screen out particles from the air — perhaps even bacteria — that might otherwise cause the wearer allergies or head colds. The ads for some state they “protect against harmful airborne pollutants and germs” (AirTamer) or “reduce particles in the 0.04 to 3 micron range” (Fresh Air Buddy). I looked into four products for this article, three you wear around your neck and one you adhere over the air nozzle above you in the plane.

Some suppliers mention that their portable devices, such as the one I use, can be worn elsewhere than airplanes, in any crowded situation such as theaters, restaurants, offices, subways, trains and buses. That may be a good idea, especially during flu season…..Read Rest of Story

To Purchase the Wein Wearable Air Supply (identical to the Fresh Air Buddy), visit

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