The Dangers of Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and other diet foods

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(The foregoing article is from Dr. Whitaker’s March 2000 vol. 12 No. 3.

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Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks


Artificial sweeteners are marketed with the promise of weight control, and the vast majority of people who consume them do so to either lose or avoid gaining weight. Folks, this is a fraud of gigantic proportions.

From 1960 to l976, there was virtually no change in the number of Americans who were overweight: roughly 24 percent of the population. However, from the mid l980s to the present, this number has more than doubled to 54 percent! This coincides with the massive infusion of noncaloric chemical sweeteners and sugar-free “diet” foods that are eaten by close to three-quarters of the adult population.

Although several factors contribute to these alarming statistics, I am convinced that our blind acceptance of the most popular of these artificial sweeteners, aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful), plays a significant role in our current weight problems. Far from helping us lose weight, aspartame has been proven to increase appetite, especially cravings for sweets. Imagine “diet” products that help you pack on extra pounds! And aspartame’s downside doesn’t end with weight gain: This sweetener is associated with multiple health problems.

Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks

Since aspartame came on the market in l981, it has accounted for more than 75 percent of the complaints reported in the FDA’s Adverse Reaction Monitoring system. The most common adverse reactions attributed to aspartame are headaches, dizziness, attention difficulties, memory loss, slurred speech and vision problems. This cluster of symptoms has become so common that it is actually referred to as “aspartame disease”.

Even more serious disorders have a suspected link with aspartame. Is it an accident that the incidence of brain tumors has increased by 10% since l975? John W. Olney, MD, of the Washington University Medical School in St. Louis believes there may be a link between the two. In an article published in The Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, he notes that animal studies reveal high levels of brain tumors in aspartame-fed rats. According to Dr. Olney, recent findings show that aspartame has mutagenic (cancer-causing) potential, and the sharp rise in malignant brain tumors coincides with the increased use of aspartame.

Could serious seizures and vision loss somehow be associated with the sweetener? The U.S. Navy and Air Force published articles in Navy Physiology and Flying Safety with this warning: “several researchers have found aspartame can increase the frequency of seizures, or lower the stimulation necessary to induce them. This means a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more susceptible to flicker vertigo, or to flicker-induced epileptic activity. It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory loss, dizziness during instrument flight, and gradual loss of vision.”

What about multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and other mood disorders? I have reviewed scores of documented cases of patients with symptoms so severe that they were mistakenly diagnosed with one of these conditions, only to have all signs of disease completely vanish after getting off aspartame.

Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks


Health Tip: Consider a Strawberry Banana smoothie instead of a soda. Smoothies are a great alternative for young children and help create healthy dietary habits.   Learn more about the Industrial Vitamix Smoothie Blender designed for home use.


Yet the FDA has chosen to turn a deaf ear to repeated requests by scientists, physicians, and consumers to review aspartame’s safety.

Aspartame has spelled trouble from the get-go. The unique property of this chemical, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar, was accidently discovered in l965 by a chemist trying to develop an ulcer drug. Although the FDA rescinded its initial approval because of studies showing that it caused seizures and brain tumors in lab animals, the agency eventually capitulated to political and monetary pressure and in l981 gave aspartame the stamp of approval. In doing so, this bureaucracy overrode the 3-0 decision of a Public Board of Inquiry, which had reviewed the scientific data and had recommended delaying approval pending further studies on the sweetener’s link with brain cancer.

In the intervening years, safety concerns have mushroomed. Ralph G. Walton, MD, Professor of Psychiatry at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, reviewed all the studies on aspartame and found 166 with relevance for human safety. Every one of the 74 studies funded by the aspartame industry gave it a clean bill of health, while 92 percent of those independently funded revealed safety problems.

Once you understand a bit about the chemistry of aspartame, you’ll see why it can cause so many problems.

Aspartame is comprised of two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Aspartic acid acts as an “excitatory” neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, in the brain, stimulating neurons to fire. Problems can arise when aspartic acid is out of balance with “inhibitory” amino acids that calm things down. Phenylalanine also easily enters the brain, where it is transformed into neurotransmitters that can further interfere with normal brain function.

This is a likely reason why aspartame lowers the threshold for seizures, mood disorders, and other nervous system problems. This altered brain chemistry may also be responsible for the addictive nature of aspartame. Some patients report that getting off diet soda takes more willpower than giving up cigarettes!

The remaining component, which makes up 10 percent of aspartame, may be the most dangerous part. It is a methyl ester that breaks down after ingestion into methanol, a nervous system toxin also known as free methyl alcohol or wood alcohol. Methanol is extremely harmful to the optic nerve. A main ingredient in “moonshine” it was notorious during Prohibition for causing blindness. Methanol is rapidly released into the bloodstream, where it is further metabolized into other harmful components, including formaldehyde (a known neurotoxin and carcinogen) and formic acid (the poison in ant stings).

Is it any wonder that many of the symptoms of “aspartame disease” are neurological and visual? Drinking a diet soda or two (and I’ve had patients who drink at least a liter a day) delivers a powerful chemical rush with decidedly negative effects. With this kind of questionable history, who would want to consume this artificial chemical, particularly when there are natural and healthy sweeteners available?

(The foregoing article is from Dr. Whitaker’s March 2000 vol. 12 No. 3.
You can subscribe to Dr. Whitaker’s Health & Healing by calling 800/539- 8219 or go to


Health Tip: Consider a Strawberry Banana smoothie instead of a soda. Smoothies are a great alternative for young children and help create healthy dietary habits.   Learn more about the Industrial Vitamix Smoothie Blender designed for home use.


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34 responses to “The Dangers of Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and other diet foods

  1. WOW, Very interesting post! I’ve long guzzled TONS of diet Coke & Pepsi everyday for the caffine and of course made it DIET to avoid the extra calories.
    Some of the points in your blog make me wonder if my DIET SODA drinking has contributed to other medical issues i’ve dealt with (including depression).
    I think it’s time to cut the diet soda out and see what happens.
    Many Smiles Kira

    • Hi Kira, yes it is very interesting. If you have some time, take a look at a book called “The Cholesterol Conspiracy by ladd Mcnamara. It will blow your mind.

    • wow i drink lots too! i wonder if my depresseion is influenced by how much i drink as well…

  2. I keep trying to to tell my girlfriend to lay off of the diet drinks. But the marketing of these companies simply got to her.

  3. I’ve never liked the taste of diet sodas, even though my dad drinks 2 or 3 a day and loves the stuff. He drinks it for the health benefit, but is there turly a benefit to drinking them? Personally I’d rather live with the extra sugar of regular sodas (and I do – I drink several a day with zero health issues so far) than with the extra risks incurred in drinking diet soda. Aspartame is no bueno.

  4. Thanks for this. My Mom Drinks tons of these a dayyha day day and it just worries me because i’ve heard
    of this before but she wont listen.. she is
    just killing herself faster!

  5. If diseases as serious as brain tumor, seizure and loss of vision are caused by these beverages why are these still available in the market? How can the government allow the display and consumption of these? It’s good to have articles like this to heighten the awareness of the public about which products to buy and which not to.

    • I know right shercyramos?, how could our government possibly allow a product that causes lung cancer, I mean brain cancer, to be allowed on the shelf? There is no way that could be possible, the government thinks about the people first, not itself, they never make mistakes, they are the solution to all our problems

  6. If diseases as serious as brain tumor, seizure and loss of vision are caused by these beverages why are these still available in the market? How can the government allow the display and consumption of these? It’s good to have articles like this to heighten the awareness of the public about which products to buy and which not to”

    for money the governemtn makes tons of money of these half the pople in washington own stocks in these companies if they passed legislation to ban these they and their friends would lose money, get with the program everything is odne for money the FDA is only around to line the pockets of greedy companies

  7. I drink 2 liters per day of diet coke for years and no problems here. I do often wonder what it would be like to not drink it, but unfortunately I myself am addicted. However, as long as there are no problems what’s to worry about?

  8. Chris Ann Williams

    u need to stop drinking diet soda

  9. I have been drinking a ton of Diet Coke for the past 10 years. I have bad arthrstis, gout, and have been diagnosed with fibrmyalgia. I have been tested for lupus. I have pain so bad sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed let-alone function. My sister gave me an article about how aspertame is poison and can cause severe “lupus-like” pain. I’m going to quit and see if my pain improves.

  10. Great article! I know too many people who drink diet sodas and are sick all the time, I truly believe it breaks down the immune system too.

    Thanks for writing!

  11. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this article on “diet coke” and Aspartame. I always felt that was not good so I never wanted to drink Diet Coke or change sugar for Aspartame. I also believe that there is enough sugar in the fruits so we do not have to add sugar. The problem is more how to “market” a new product which will have a lot of followers, and may be a new fashion…
    Hope to read more articles on medicine.

  12. I have been addicted to Diet Coke since it was first placed on the market. Now I am wondering about how my health issues could relate to this. Thank you,

  13. ihave hbp,diabetes,depressionand a form of muscle disease will these problems get better if i stop drinking diet coke

  14. there got to be a way to get our government to stop the sale of this stuff.

  15. Aspartame reacts differently with different bodies and chemicals your body produces. The reason it does not help wight loss is that when you dump sugar into your body your insulin kicks in. As long as there in insulin running in your body you cannot access fat cells to burn. How does this pertain to diet soda? Your body cannot tell the difference between fake sugar and real sugar. So no matter if you do drink diet soda your body still dumps insulin into your system therefore not allowing you to burn fat cells or lose weight. And lastly, yes in mass amounts anything is dangerous.

    • Well, I just lost 70 lbs. and I drank diet pop like it was going out of style. What I didn’t do was stuff myself with food. :)

  16. I have been drinking it since about 11. I’m 42 now. I have been depressed for years. Up and Down One time I tried to take my own life. I don’t know why im so depressed. But, I drink a lot of it. I have Esptein bar virus since 15. I thought I drink it because of it. some days it hard for me to get up out of bed. I get one as soon as I wake up. not a coffee drinker. I sometime will have D.C all day long and not eat. I can go about day and half with out eating. I get mirgraines really bad. having problems now going to bathroom. I have been trying to quit for years. I know it bad. But like any of you i just can quit. I do crave sweets a lot too. I wish they would pull it from the shelf that will be th eonly way .. I think I can quit…

    • been there drank dc at 16 quit at 43 26 weeks now, switched to sprite had a dc once and cant figure out why i liked it feel alot better only downfall is that i cant sleep or dont need as much

  17. Aspartame has got the best of some friends, one now 61 drank lots of diet pop and foods that contain sweeteners,he has be diagnosed with lupus and the burning of the skin,also bad arthritis. other friends including myself are having problems with arthritis and sore bones.I have not had any soda or products for thirty days and feel much better and less blotted and more alive also less shaky in the hands

    • nyoka chandler

      My daughter is 40. She drinks at least 12 diet mountain dews a day. She has problems with feet, knees and vision. She is very atheletic , but now can’t even wear high heel shoes due to feet problems. I just can’t get her to stop drinking so many. She is addicted to diet dews. I have tried so hard to make her stop, but no avail. I love her so much and hate to see her suffer from drinking that stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love them also, but I only consume 1 a day. She also smokes so I know that also contrbutes to some of the things going on with her.

      • Like you said Nyoka, this stuff is not bad if you have one a day. If you are going to have 7 of these per day, it doesn’t matter if it is diet or regular, because both will kill you faster. What I suggest is that everytime you feel like drinking a diet soda, drink cold bottle of water instead. Then at the end of the day, treat yourself with one soda. I used to drink a lot of diet soda, but now this is what I do. Eventually, I have gotten to the point where I have one soda a week.

        Hope this technique can help someone else.

  18. I’ve drank diet sodas consistently for 12 years. Lately I only drink one large a day but at times I drink 2 liters and beyond per day.

    I’m skinny, I’m in great health (low blood pressure, very fit), and have no medical problems.

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  20. it,s scary! that something supposed to do you good can be so harmful as the years progresses itself as well as your health deminishes.

  21. I have for the last 20 years been drinking between 6 and 8 liters of Diet Pepsi per day. Its all i drink. Anyone that knows me will tell you i always have a 1 liter bottle with me, when it gets low i fill it up from a 2 liter. No health issues here.

  22. Diet Coke is poison. Here’s what I’ve observed in several people I know who’ve been drinking it for years: My sister has Epstein Barr and is severely overweight. One of my close friends now has a brain tumor and has had years of chronic health problems. My uncle lost his pilot’s license due to seizures and my best friend from high school just lost her husband to a massive seizure while running a well-known marathon just last year. The one thing they all have/had in common? They were hard-core diet coke drinkers. This stuff is death in a bottle and, when you can make it through the withdrawal symptoms (the body becomes addicted), you’ll feel a hundred times better. Good luck out there!

  23. They are taxing my diet soida here in Illinois to reduce obesity. Why not just take it off the market if it is unsafe>? Why couldn’t we sue the food and drug administration for not taking it off the market with these unsafe statistics?

  24. I have ADD i drink alot of soda sometime 1 or 2 litres a day ( not all the time, somedays ill have a can or two, others a whole bottle, i dont drink it all at one time i generally stretch it out and i dont always do it, sometimes i drink less. i dont smoke , drink or do drugs and im a teen. All my friends are drinking and getting high. i find caffienne helps me concentrate a little more , so i can pay attention to what im doing. part of my LD effects my hearing so i generally dont notice a difference. but will drinking diet pepsi effect my hearing , should i stop.

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  27. i cant say no to diet coke i am up to 7 cans a day or more

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