Head cold, cough, sore throat, body aches and it hurts all over

Doctors Banned From Handing Out Antibiotics for Colds and Sore Throats-

Are Negative Ionizers able to kill viruses and bacteria?


Head cold, cough, body aches and it hurts all over- does this sound familiar?  There is defintely a virus going around  and it seems everybody is suffering from it.  Today alone I saw about 25 patients with pretty much the same thing, with mild variations.

Stuffy nose, post nasal drip, sore throat, cough, body aches and a few with  vomitting and diarrhea.   A visit to your doctor may be of benefit.   Few will develop secondary bacterial sinus infections, bacterial bronchitis or even pneumonia.  For some, this virus has proven fatal.

Generally, less than 10% of those with a viral infection will ultimately need antibiotics, most just need time and fluids.  Also, its real important to note that the only  throat infection that needs antibiotics is strept throat.  No matter how bad your throat hurts, antibiotics won’t help unless you test positive for strept. Rarely, a person may develop gonorrhea or chlamydia bacterial infection of the throat. See your doctor  if you are not sure.

The above  symptoms are generally caused by a virus called, adenovirus. In addition to the above symptoms, adenovirus can cause gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis (pink eye), rash and whole body aches.  Oregon has had a few people actually die from this recently. Another type of virus that can cause infection and common cold symptoms are known as the corona virus (no relation to the beer).

* Always consult your physician if you have a medical problem, the above it not my medical advice..

From the CDC website: Adenoviruses are medium-sized (90-100 nm), nonenveloped icosohedral viruses containing double-stranded DNA. There are 49 immunologically distinct types (6 subgenera: A through F) that can cause human infections. Adenoviruses are unusually stable to chemical or physical agents and adverse pH conditions, allowing for prolonged survival outside of the body.

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5 responses to “Head cold, cough, sore throat, body aches and it hurts all over

  1. The medicines should be used as last resort,you are right ,sir.

  2. thanks for your good advice.

  3. This is helpful – I developed a killer backache very suddenly, along with diarrhea, and didn’t know what to think….when I started to cough as well, decided this sounded like the work of a VIRUS!
    I am thinking/hoping this will all be over fairly fast…….

  4. my comment was that l had this sore throat for 3 days and also l am waking up in the middle of the nigth and my throat is very sore. amanda robar nova scotia and question can it take it course about this sore throat.

  5. Ummm… NO viral infections requite antibiotics. Do you mean antivirals?

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