Smoking in your car is illegal in California- Good law or bad law?

A new law  hit the books January 1st, 2008.   Californians can no longer smoke in their car if children are present. Police are unable to pull you over for this but they can impose a $100 fine  if they pull you over for something else, like speeding.  Has the government gone too far?  Is this a violation of personal rights?  Many have stated that eventually, smoking in your own home will also become illegal.

We all  agree that tobacco exposure is dangerous, but is this really necessary?  As a matter of fact, cigarettes are responsible for more than 500,000 deaths nationwide. Should children   have to be exposed to this?  I see many young children who come  in with asthma attacks and frequent lung infections— most have parents who smoke in common.  I am hopeful that parents who smoke at home or in the car can find the strength to quit.  As mentioned in a prior blog article, Chantix has been proven to be a big benefit to those who want to quit smoking.  For those who don’t want to quit, they should consider adding an air purifier/HEPA filter  to their child’s room in order to help protect their young lungs.

I am interested in readers feedback regarding this issue? Let me know what you think?

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12 responses to “Smoking in your car is illegal in California- Good law or bad law?

  1. This is the most stupidest LAW that ever past, we are totaly turning into a socialistic govenment. I can understand smoking when children are present but when alone no way and in our house screw that. When will it all stop. I’m sick and tired of Government over stepping our personal rights.

  2. Agree 100% with Ron, we have taken the nanny society way way too far. We got along just fine for decades with smoking parents and no seat belts. Sure it’s better if you don’t smoke and you wear seat belts but what is next. I know, you can’t eat a big mac in front of your kids cause it’s unhealthy.

  3. I went to renew my driver’s license in December, and got one of the questions wrong about smoking in the car. They said the correct answer was “it is against the law to smoke in the car” PERIOD. You say, with children in the car. Who is right/

  4. If you wanna smoke, smoke. If you wanna drive, drive. They haven’t invented hands-free cigarettes yet. And for those who smoke with your windows down, if it stinks so bad you can’t stand it, put the thing out, but not out the window – especially in drive-thru lanes. I don’t want your smoke either. May your ashes blow in your eyes and fall in your lap. Smoke at home in a closed room or at a bar where everybody’s busy polluting themselves anyway. And DON’T pitch the butt out the window! California has so many clear-weather, road-side triggered forest fires, we all know where they’re coming from. Do youselves a favor and just quit smoking altogether. Then you won’t have to worry about what the law are, where you can and cannot smoke, whether or not you’ll get lung cancer this year or next, and where did that missing $2000 go this past year.

  5. This is the reason I love Fascinating post.

  6. Non-smoking parent

    I completely agree with J lord’s comments. We have beautiful sunny weather in california and I like to roll the car window down but you get someone stopped in front of you at a light and they also have their window down and are smoking and you might as wll invite them into your car along with their smoke. I get very sick from the smell of cigarette smoke and I also don’t want my baby granddaughter to have to suffer from other people’s ignorance. Please stop smoking!

  7. Good GOD smokers are such obnoxious TRASH. The worthless self-destructive gutter filth who pollute themselves and others with their cancer sticks are the same moronic imbeciles who complain and can never figure out why they are constantly without extra spending money due to their vile habit, who are clueless to why they come down with all these diseases and acquire multiple health problems, and then have the urine yellow hued-shriveled up-smoky smelling balls to try to file lawsuits against anyone and everyone who aren’t themselves and don’t ever try to take, God forbid, any personal responsibility for their own actions (failures). People “who can’t wake up without their morning coffee” and smokers=the worst and by far most OBNOXIOUS subhuman scum trash that litters this planet like a festering herpe sore on one’s anus or a rotting pale full of cigarette butts caked with 99 cent store lipstick.

    • Let’s consult the dictionary.

      obnoxious |əbˈnäk sh əs|
      extremely unpleasant.

      Your tirade was most ‘obnoxious’, and supremely childish. I know of lots of smokers, including myself and our beloved President, who smoke and happen to not be as obnoxious as militant non-smokers are. All we want is to be able to do our deed in peace.

      I’ve met very few smokers who fail to understand where proponents of anti-smoking measures are coming from; they may not like the bans, but they certainly understand why they’re there and respect that they’re their to suit the need for strengthening public health.

    • Nicollete you are without a doubt a lonley, angry, and most likely a big fat ugly cow. Go get some. if you can that is. Why is it that when I first started smoking at thirteen, I heard many people say it was unhealthy, but never once heard that it was as addictive as it is from anybody until it was too late. I became hopelessly addicted. I guess I was just an obnoxious little girl that was a piece of trash. Right nicollete? I’d like to hear you call someone’s cigarette addicted child that in the presence of their parents and escape with your life! In the late 70’s, early eighties, smokers were everywhere. Non-smokers rarely complained until the late eighties. Some people become much more addicted than others. Not just to the nicotine, but the act and the taste of tobacco also. I have a picture of my father in the delivery room holding me while smoking. I didn’t have asthma, or repatory problems from his chain smoking at all. Not until 20 years after my smoking did I suffer any problems. I have tried everything to conquer my addiction. Chantix too. If you’ve listened to the commercial, then you’ve heard it can cause you to feel violent and even homicidal. This was the case for me. In case you didn’t know, cigarettes are said to be more addictive than heroin. Junkies have methadone. Cigarette smokers have nothing that actually works.Not for me anyway. Why all the trash talking now? We knew 40 years ago the exact same things about smoking that we do now. We should be able to smoke OUTSIDE or in our own home or car (without children) whenever we want. The new non-smoking generation are much more outrageous and annoying than any religous fanatic i’ve heard. America is the only place I know that focuses this much energy on non-smoking. People in other countries have real problems. Get a life!
      By the way. Telling off a smoker can be much more dangerous to your health than smoking itself.

  8. om gosh- i dont recall the law telling the over weight lady with spandex on that she cant eat the twinkie she just bought..or the high blood presure man in line at kroger, that he cant have that bag of chips in his cart. but its coming. you tell a smoker they cant smoke, only buy, you will get the uproar of the people you call ” obnoxious trash” (including me). i am sure we all have something we do wrong in someone elses eyes. we need to take a look at how we would feel if someone took your glory from you. back up. we dont want you to breath our second hand smoke. really we dont. just let us smoke on our terms away from you. i am sure there are other lanes on the highway you could get in if my smoke bothers you..maybe a radio, screaming kid, the improper use of clothes-or lack there of, may be offensive to some. can we pass a law stating that? how about no baggy pants. no butt crack, no spandex ? take time to think of everything before you make a judgement.

  9. Oh please! This is ridiculous.

  10. I wish they would make that law in Florida. In New York it is illegal to smoke in public. I smoke and I want to quit. I have a 15 month old daughter and I have NEVER smoked around her nor do I intend to, but I’d rather just quit all together. I make good money so the money isn’t the problem. It’s the smell, the health issues and the time is consumes that I can’t get over. I quit smoking so easily when I was pregnant, but when she was 2 weeks old I started again. I got addicted somehow. I thought I’d never get addicted. I always thought it was in your head, but once I’m down to my last cigarette I always say I’m going to quit, but as soon as I crave another one, I go buy another pack. I don’t want my daughter smoking. I feel like it should just be illegal all together. I know weed is a big issue, but if they leagalized that then they would make more money off of that than cigarettes and have less health issues in the world. The only problem it would cause is stupidity and laziness but that’s already a huge issue in America. Ugh I can’t do it anymore, someone please just make cigarettes illegal all together, then I would never do it. I am a law abiding citizen, except I do throw my cigarette butts out of my car. I didn’t know it was illegal until just now. I won’t do it anymore, but I never smoke with my daughter in the car. I need help.

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